The Kazakhstan Football Federation continues a series of football festivals as part of the UEFA program - Football and Social Responsibility.
17 March 2023, 22:59
Kazakhstan Football Federation, together with the National Scientific and Practical Center for Physical Culture of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is holding a football festival "Menin Oiynym" (''My Game'') for girls.
17 March 2023, 14:02
As part of the UEFA program - Football and Social Responsibility, Kazakhstan Football Federation held football festival among children and youth from the orphanges in the city of Taraz.
13 March 2023, 17:08
Kazakhstan Football Federation held the event as part of the UEFA program - Football and Social Responsibility.
24 February 2023, 19:42
Republican football festival for children and teenagers has started in Kazakhstan. The event will be held by the Kazakhstan Football Federation in conjunction with the Foundation for Support and Development of Youth Football with the support of the AMANAT party, as well as regional football associations.
13 February 2023, 18:31
Following the results of the 2022 season, the Kazakhstan Football Federation organized a football Forum with the participation of the entire football community: the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, heads of regional federations, regional sports departments, professional football clubs, the Futsal Association of Kazakhstan, children's football centers, an amateur football league.
12 December 2022, 22:21